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jobs R&D Manager - Career Hunters

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Freelance jobs R&D Manager - Career Hunters

description :jobs R&D Manager - Career Hunters

Key Responsibilities:

·        Developing the R& D Projects, concepts & appropriate product design & development

·        Lead research and development activities by mixing new chemical compounds in the right ratio to formulate new products related to the ASI range of brands

·        Study products in the market to see how new products can be developed in the most optimal way and identify cost effective ways to meet product standards and procedures

·        Develop and test new product concepts and prepare scenarios as how they can be adapted in to the assembly for mass production. Conduct safety checks on the new product formulations

·        Lead and guide subordinates by providing them with technical guidance, training and the required growth opportunities to ensure that subordinates are developed for higher-level roles

·        To ensure that information security, patents, copyrights, trademarks are taken care of in an effective manner

·        Conduct performance appraisal for the team

Job Details

Posted Date: 2024-04-03
Job Location: Kuwait - Al Kuwait
Job Role: Research and Development
Company Industry: Manufacturing

Preferred Candidate

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Freelance jobs R&D Manager - Career Hunters, R&D Manager - Career Hunters jobs, R&D Manager - Career Hunters,jobs R&D Manager - Career Hunters


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