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jobs Accountant - UFMC

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Freelance jobs Accountant - UFMC

description :jobs Accountant - UFMC

1.      To follow the established procedures for processing receipts from customers (  by direct deposits to company account, cash and cheque) and to prepare bank deposits for cash and cheque receipts.  

2.     To monitor customer account details for not   paid payments ,    delayed payments and other irregularities.

3.     To follow up the collection and to make sure that the all incoming payments are allocated against the invoices on regular basis.

4.     To regularly get the statement of accounts from the   customers  ,reconcile the accounts and ensure any disputed invoices or unallocated payments are followed up with the concerned internal depts../customers and resolved without any delay.  

5.     At the end of the month , calculate the provision against overdue receivable as per company credit policy and to prepare journal entry for revising the provision.  

6.     To send customer account age analysis to the all concerned   ones on regular basis ( at least twice a month ) and notify any undue delay in payments by any customer.  

7.     Before the yearend ,  print customer balance confirmation letter from the system ,to get them signed by department manager and make sure that they are sent to customers on time .

8.    To enter selling prices of item at the time of revision and for new product .  

9.     To participate and assist both financial and department staff in the annual physical verification of inventories and fixed assets.

10. To prepare periodic reports with respect to own activities and achievements to be submitted to immediate concerned  person.

11.  To perform the other marginal duties assigned by the immediate concerned person.  

Job Details

Posted Date: 2024-05-14
Job Location: Saudi Arabia - Yanbu
Job Role: Accounting and Auditing
Company Industry: Agriculture & Crop Production; Animal Production; Trading & Commodity Trading
Monthly Salary: US $2,000

Preferred Candidate

Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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